Comprehensive Eye Care Program


A. DST (Diagnostic, Screening & Treatment) Eye Camp

Free Screening Eye Camp:

Free screening eye camps are organized every year in Terai region of Bheri zone to reduce incidence of avoidable blindness to the financial support of donor agencies. Cataract screened patients are brought to the hospital for free surgery.

Subsidized Eye Camp:

Subsidized eye camps are periodically organized by Fateh Bal Eye Hospital. In the camp, patients have to pay nominal fee for surgery and rest of charges is subsidized by the hospital.

B. Free Surgical Eye Camp

Cataract is a major cause of blindness in Nepal. So, to reduce the avoidable blindness caused by cataract hospital organizes free surgical eye camp in remote hilly area of Bheri Zone. The free surgery camps are organized in the financial support of donor agencies.

C. School Screening & Eye Health Education Program:

Childhood blindness is one of the another major causes of blindness in Nepal. In this program hospital screens the students and provides necessary treatment and surgery free of cost with the help of ORBIS program. ORBIS supports poor children for surgery and spectacles.


Eye Health Education and Training

Eye health education and trainings are provided to various level of community people for knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes for maintaining and improving eye health.

  • Primary Eye Care Training for Health Post personnel
  • Vision Screening training for School teacher
  • Ocular drug orientation for drug retailers
  • Eye Health Education for Female Community Health Volunteer
  • Eye Health Education for Traditional Healer
  • Eye Health Education for Community Volunteer
  • Eye Health Education for Student

Mass Awareness Program

  • Broadcasting through local FM radio.
  • Distribution of Broacher
  • Dissemination Eye health awareness through media materials
  • Exhibition for Eye Health Promotion